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The magic begins here! Let's explore your fairytale together.

We are a professional photography and creative art studio based near Washington DC in Germantown, Maryland. We strive to create a unique experience for each individual and family that approaches us, by helping them develop the vision they have into art pieces that they would proudly display. We believe that photography is meant to tell a story and we will work with you to ensure that this story comes to life. Our skills, passion, intuition and dedication will help make that special magic you want to see in your pictures and will take you back to that very moment and feeling that you had when you created it.

Our service is a niche professional photography legacy service that specializes in portraits (individual, family, couples), engagements, and elopements (under 10 people) as well as maternity and newborn. We take a limited amount of clients per month in order to focus our attention on the delivery of every order. Our work is a rich combination of candid moments and styled portraits that could be done inside or outside the studio. We are dedicated to delivering images that are genuine, visually stunning and capturing all the feelings of the moment.

After you browse our website, please don't forget to contact us to inquire about our pricing and services. We offer the most affordable rates for the Washington DC area. We serve the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and we are available to take your special moment locally, in the US and worldwide. Our photography service is professional and unique, with top-of-the-line photography equipment, lighting, and machines. Our current in-house designed Artificial Intelligence enables us to sort out all the images we take and rank them technically and aesthetically. Our robust machine learning programming capabilities infused with our photography skills have enabled us to serve a wide range of clients and oversaw significant growth of our business in the past few years. We are able to maintain our affordable prices thanks to our ability to our creativity and the ability to outsource most of our administrative and technical work to our programs. We are extremely creative and dedicated. We strive to build a strong relationship with our clients and help develop their images into magical memories they will always cherish.

We strive to provide a positive experience for you and your family from the time we book the service and even after your pictures are delivered. As creative artists, we will help craft the perfect customized experience and gifts for you and your loved ones. Your experience will include individual consultation, vision development, and over 40 hours of editing time. Most of all, our professional photography service is designed to be affordable for all. Our prices are clear and are always communicated upfront. Once the session is booked you will never pay anything extra beyond what was agreed. Because we only book one or two clients a day, you can rest assured that you can take your time in the session without being rushed.

Our Ni-Ne represents the balance in introverted and extroverted intuition that our team has. The Ni, which stands for introverted intuition, is the primary function of our top engineer, Justin, who has an incredible intuitive ability to command the machines to do what we want. The Ne, which stands for extroverted intuition, is the primary cognitive function of Fa and is responsible for her tireless ability to see the possibilities. 

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Client Testemonials

“We absolutely loved this photoshoot the photos are absolutely stunning and her service quality is absolutely phenomenal. We will definitely be using NiNe Capture Photography for all our future events and we highly recommend her.”

“Absolutely amazing photos, my fiancee and I were so thrilled with them. They could not have been done any better and we got so many great shots. She was very easy to communicate and plan with and was very responsive!”

“Fa did an amazing job making my fiancé and I feel comfortable in front of the camera. We have never done a photoshoot before yet we got some of the best pictures we’ve ever had during our shoot. She is extremely thorough and you can tell that photography is her passion. She went above and beyond our expectations and it is awesome how quickly we were able to get our photos. We highly recommend her!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the process of working with you like?

We will typically schedule a zoom call in which we will discuss your plans and the vision you have for your event. From there, you will set a time, a date, and will communicate every detail of the event.

How will you deliver the images?

When you become a client, you will receive access to workspace and a client portal that will host your images in a beautiful gallery. The online gallery is free of charge. Other services such as delivery to a thumb drive, request of specific digital backgrounds or or prints can be added to your order as an additional service.

How long are the sessions?

It all depends. Individual portraits sessions can be up to 45 minutes. Couples and family sessions are often 60 minutes, maternity sessions can take up to 90 minutes and newborn sessions are often between three to four hours (the little baby has to feed, and sleep!.)

When do I schedule my newborn session?

In your final Trim-aster! Your newborn baby pictures need to be taken when the baby is around 10 days old. Please choose from the home-session or studio package options. Most of the newborn baby sessions are between 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

What qualifications do you have?

NiNe Capture is a professional photography service with a highly experienced and talented team. The founder is an artist and an architect with over a decade of experience in photography. Other members of the team have experience in machine learning and graphic design. We are all dedicated artists at work and understand the tricks of our craft!

Do you have a studio?

We do! We are a professional photography service near Washington DC with our studio service based in Germantown, Maryland. All studio sessions are by appointment only.

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