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I find photography to be absolutely magical. As a creative artist with a ton of unfinished artwork, photography balances my desire to create artwork from scratch and produce a finished art piece. It also balances my need to express myself with my fascination for human interaction and relationships. I have had a fascination with creating and composing artwork for as long as I can remember and photography has made it fairly easy for me to see my vision come to life.

Like most artists, I am always in pursuit of a concept and a story, and I often intuitively find them. I want to help others see the world as I see it. I want to capture special moments and celebrate them on the walls and not on a mobile device. I want to see the art come to life.

NiNe Capture started as a project documenting relationships and has now transformed into an art photography business. I love seeing the various projects clients bring my way and exploring the ways their vision meets with mine. My partner and I are fond of finding ways to make the entire photography process smoother including infusing technology and Artificial Intelligence to process our images and rank our work.

Just like an art piece is proudly displayed on a wall, I want photography to be exactly the same. I don't want the work to simply sit in social media and be forgotten among the thousands of images that we often take on our cell phones. But I want you to proudly display the artwork you love on the walls of your home as a living memory of the special times and milestones that you have achieved. Prints displayed on the wall will fill your home with the joy, laughter, and special memories that you cherish.

I absolutely love working on big projects and also small ones, but my favorite part is when I plan the photo shoot from start to finish and create something that my clients were not expecting. I also take the time to spend extra attention and care for maternity and newborn projects. Planning is a big part of the process and we love to help our clients implement their vision. In the end, my objective is to combine art, creativity and technology to produce the most perfect images that you will treasure forever!

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Photography & Technology

In the past, I have often taken thousands of pictures and spent days going through them to find my favorite picks! Most recently, we have leveraged deep convolutional neural networks to automatically evaluate and prioritize client photos. The in-house AI models that we have developed can process and assess both the technical and aesthetic merit of thousands of photographs in a matter of seconds, ensuring that clients always receive the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time..

Top Engagement Photography in Washington DC

Engagements are so very thrilling to document. It is so very special to be able to witness the start of a couples' journey together. To be a part of an engagement proposal, even for a brief moment is just good for the soul. And I truly enjoy guiding the couple on what to do after the proposal.... they are often concerned about pictures but all that I ask them to do is to be with themselves and to just let me watch.

I love nothing more than helping couples with their engagement plans and capturing moments that illustrate their relationship. This is why no two photoshoots are alike, even if they are in the same location. It is so important the images reflect you and not mimic some pose that you saw in a magazine or even on my website.

Whether a surprise or a posed engagement proposal, NiNe Capture is always ready to be part of the planning. We can help you figure out the best location and will go through every detail of your special day. We will work to capture your raw, authentic moments and present them in such a way that would make you relive all your memories. This is such a special moment between you and your partner, and we want you to be in the moment...we will do all the rest!

The magic begins here... Let's explore your journey together.

Couples and engagement photography in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Specialized Maternity & Newborn Sessions

Many maternity and newborn clients often come with an image in mind that they want to replicate. But when you work with me, I will help you explore something else that would best represent you and flatter you. After all, this is your experience, your emotion, your journey, and your newborn. You want to receive a one-of-a-kind gallery that reflects the love, joy, and emotion you feel during this journey of motherhood.

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Maternity & Newborn booking

I do talk about maternity and newborn photography in my blog. But it is so very important to get started early with the session. Some outfits will have to be ordered in advance as shipping can take up to three weeks; that's why planning is critical since there are so many variables involved. During pregnancy, there may be days when you are not feeling the best. This is particularly true for the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the pregnancy. It is always best to schedule the maternity photoshoot as early as possible. The best time to do so is early in the third trimester, ideally between 28 to 35 weeks. This is because expecting mothers feel their best since their body has adjusted to the elevated hormone levels. This is why women are said to get their 'pregnancy glow.' You might not get time to schedule a maternity shoot in the last few weeks as you are juggling doctor's appointments and doing other preparation to welcome the new baby may not give you the time you need to plan out your maternity session.

I also get asked a lot about what you need to bring for your shoot... since it is a very personal and sentimental experience, I would very much like to incorporate your input. You can choose to do your session indoors or outdoors and pick from different themes, but you need to select one representing you and your family. You can also add details that mean something special, like a piece of jewelry or particular kinds of flowers. Make the day special for yourself and your loved ones, so once you have the photos printed out, you can relive the whole experience and reminisce with a smile on your face. 

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What is NiNe?

If you are wondering what NiNe stands for in NiNe Capture, it is not number nine, but it is "Intuition". Pronounced as Ni & Ne, both are two of the 16 cognitive functions known in Jungian psychology and it is the two dominant functions of my partner and me, which is intuition. Ne, which stands for Extroverted Intuition, represents the dominant leading function for the lead photographer. People who lead with extroverted intuition in their cognitive function are known to be full of ideas with the ability to see many possibilities, for a photographer this is a helpful function that aids in the composition of images and creativity, and this is why our photography is naturally easy, creative, and intuitive! As for Ni, which stands for Introverted Intuition, it is the dominant function of the lead engineer whose ability to see in-depth and focus on projects sees them to completion with speed and efficiency. People who lead with introverted intuition have the ability to zoom into a project and make it perfect! We believe that our functions complement each other perfectly.... kinda like yin and yang!

Kind Words....

Our clients, some of which have become friends, are at the heart of everything that we do. Our goal is to listen, learn, and deliver the best product possible. We will make your vision come to life through meticulous planning and thorough work. We seek to professionally capture authentic and intuitive moments and we promise that you will enjoy your experience and have fun.

Here's what our clients have been saying about the process of working with us!

“We absolutely loved this photoshoot the photos are absolutely stunning and her service quality is absolutely phenomenal. We will definitely be using NiNe Capture Photography for all our future events and we highly recommend her.”

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