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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the process of working with you like?

We will typically schedule a zoom call in which we will discuss your plans and the vision you have for your event. From there, you will set a time, a date, and will communicate every detail of the event.

How will you deliver the images?

When you become a client, you will receive access to workspace and a client portal that will host your images in a beautiful gallery. The online gallery is free of charge. Other services such as delivery to a thumb drive, request of specific digital backgrounds or or prints can be added to your order as an additional service.

How long are the sessions?

It all depends. Individual portraits sessions can be up to 45 minutes. Couples and family sessions are often 60 minutes, maternity sessions can take up to 90 minutes and newborn sessions are often between three to four hours (the little baby has to feed, and sleep!.)

When do I schedule my newborn session?

In your final Trim-aster! Your newborn baby pictures need to be taken when the baby is around 10 days old. Please choose from the home-session or studio package options. Most of the newborn baby sessions are between 2.5 to 3.5 hours.